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Preparing Gift Baskets - December 2008

On weekends and after school we worked hard to complete the baskets in time for the holidays. We had over fifty large baskets to fill. We brainstormed on what items would be the best and most appreciated for the seniors. Once we compiled our list, we solicited donations to help us put the most beautiful baskets together! We used large wicker laundry baskets and filled them with so many goodies and necessities. Our sponsors were so generous. You can see the list of items below which we included in the baskets. We made them ourselves and personalized each basket with the recipient's name and a color picture drawn by the three of us! We felt like we already knew each recipient because we personalized each custom-made basket for them. It was a lot of work but we enjoyed every moment of it and couldn't wait to personally deliver each one. - Nilaya

The Large Wicker Laundry Baskets are filled with:
- Hats
- Scarves
- Gloves
- Blankets
- Magnifying Glasses
- Tissues
- Hand Cream
- Soaps
- Cookies
- Stuffed Animals and Teddy Bears
- Cakes
- Chips and Pretzels
- DVD Comedy Movies
- Combs
- Chocolates
- Candies
- Cough Drops
- Note Pads
- Eye Glasses Cases
- Furry Socks
- Crossword and Word Search Puzzles
- and Lots More!!!

Phoebe Home - December 19, 2008

Country Meadows - December 24, 2008

Grand Buddies - Since 2009

Tulip Delivery - February 2009

Father's Day - June 2009

Shining Star - November 2009

This is going to be a really big project! With all of the wonderful seniors we have met and the help of the nursing homes, we are going to pair up seniors and kids for friendship, pen pals and visits! This is a very meaningful relationship for the seniors and the kids! Please tell us if you would like to participate! - Nilaya



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