Maurice Mitzvah Fund was founded in November 2008 by:

Nilaya, 16 years old
Nilaya co-founded Maurice Mitzvah Fund with her siblings in 2008 when she was 10 years old. Nilaya is an 11th Grade honor roll student. She was born in Paris and is fluent in three languages and in the process of perfecting a fourth. She loves skiing, fencing, tennis, running marathons and is a Black Belt candidate in Karate. Nilaya enjoys cooking, reading, playing the piano, museums and traveling the world. Nilaya's dedication to Maurice Mitzvah Fund as well as her many other community service and volunteer projects keep her very busy. She spent part of her 2014 Summer in Tajikistan, volunteering in an orphanage and assisting in public park clean-up.

Devika, 15 years old

Devika is a 10th Grade honor roll student and also fluent in three languages. She loves sports, painting, reading, computer, fashion, travel, and is a Black Belt candidate in Karate. Devika has fun playing with her Pomeranian, Pom Pom. Her favourite trip was to Istanbul. She wants to visit Mongolia and India soon.

Pasha, 11 years old

Pasha is a 6th Grade student and has been helping with Maurice Mitzvah Fund since he was in Kindergarten. He likes to read books, cook, garden, play with legos and travel. Pasha loves animals and riding his bicycle. Pasha's goal is to be an architect. Pasha is a good helper.



© 2012 Maurice Mitzvah Fund is a Non-Profit Organization - "A Charity Run By Kids" Founded by Nilaya, Devika and Pasha in honor of their Grandpa, Maurice.